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Aluter is the only one company for the doors and windows authorized by Aluplast in mainland China. It is also authorized to use its trademark and its founder's portrait right in mainland China. It is a branch company in China ....

IDEAL 5000 system window
IDEAL 5000 system window
8000 A-type system window
8000 A-type system window
8000 (with steel) window screening integration
8000 (with steel) window screening integration



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Humanized structure design, convenient and comfortable.

The series of the frame of the window with beautiful performance and matching with windows.

Colorful window sill with attractive appearance.



Excellent sealing performance, keep quiet and warm.


Security and prevention of burglary function design with attractive appearance.



Super waterproof and permeable, sealed and dry

Germany Hornschuch GmbH with colorful laminating.

Introduced the German Industry 4.0 Technology

Leading the production of doors and windows into the field of all-digital control manufacturing.


Nearly 30 years of industry experience of senior technical personnel constitute the core research team. With the rich technical background and strong technical support.

Guaranteed by German Aluplast-system technology to ensure the product manufacturing mature and stable.






Passive ultra-low energy consumption building window technology of arut landing in "construction technology"
Recently, news came from China Construction Science and technology magazine that the passive ultra-low energy consumption building window technology in arut has been recognized by the magazine, and the technical characteristics of the door and window system in arut are introduced in detail in the full text, causing great repercussions in the industry.
Laizhou store of aluter (Germany) system doors and windows welcomes the opening
Aluplast is a strategic branch of high-end system doors and windows with the pedigree of German aluplast company in mainland China. Combined with more than 30 years of construction experience in serving the Chinese market, aluplast has formed a complete ecological chain of high-end doors and windows system, creating a comfortable life with German quality for thousands of Chinese families.



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Address:No. 4016, Pingxi Road, Pinglidian Town, Laizhou City, Shandong Province