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Maintenance Instructions

1. Doors and windows should be cleaned regularly and keep the windows, doors, glass and hardware clean and bright.
2. If the doors and windows are contaminated with oil stains and other difficult-to-clean things, it is not suitable to use strong acid or alkali solution for cleaning. Strong acid or alkali solution will damage the surface of the profile and damage the protective film and oxide layer on the surface of the hardware.
3. The door and window’s inside frame should be cleaned in time to prevent the problems of blocking the drainage channel and causing poor drainage and water leakage.
4.Opening the doors and windows need to moderate and try to keep the opening and closing uniform velocity.
5. Avoid hitting doors and windows or scratching the surface of profiles with hard objects.
6. Avoid using flames to directly grill doors and windows and keep away from doors and windows.
7. In case of severe weather such as typhoon and heavy rain, the window sash should be closed.
8. When it is found that the windows and doors are not opened flexibly or other abnormal conditions, the problem should be found in time. If the customer cannot find out the fault, please contact with the manufacturer. So that the problem can be eliminated in time.

Details maintenance


1、Maintenance of door and window profiles
All profiles of aluplast are all high-end special patented technology which have extremely excellent physical properties and easy to maintain. For cleaning the surface of door and window profiles, only use ordinary neutral detergent could make its surface shiny again.
Please pay more attention on the detergent choosing, do not choose the chemicals that damage the surface of the profile, such as gasoline. The dosage of detergent should also be proportional to the degree of staining of doors and windows. If you find that some stains cannot be removed during the cleaning process, please contact with us.
2、Maintenance of door and window sealing strips
Original sealing strips from aluplast have excellent aging resistance. When you clean doors and windows, please clean the stains on the sealing strips. If you can use silicone oil to clean up periodically, the service life of the seal will be multiplied.
3、Maintenance of door and window hardware
The periodic use of lubricants is an important link to ensure the flexibility and functionality of door and window hardware. Use some non-acidic lubricants in some moving parts of door and window hardware could maintain your user experience.
4、Ventilation and heating / refrigeration
High-quality doors and windows are completely sealing. So that, enjoying the energy-saving effect at the same time we should also ventilate scientifically and keep the air fresh and healthy inside.
Under the condition that the room can through ventilation, a 5-minute ventilation time is standard and necessary. It takes about 10 minutes to fully open the window without through-air ventilation.
The best ventilation is about 3 to 4 times a day. It should be noted that if there has furniture that prevents the ventilation effect, the time should be extended. In the kitchen and bathroom, due to the high humidity of the air, ventilation should be more frequent every day. If you find the water mist on the window glass, it is a signal that you need to ventilate.
5、After the doors and windows are installed, have a thoroughly cleaning.
Although the installers have done their best to handle it, we still recommend that you should do a thoroughly cleaning after moving into a new home or updating the windows and doors. It is useful for the windows and doors have a longer service life.