Germany Hornschuch GmbH with colorful laminating.

Germany Hornschuch GmbH laminating has an similar appearance to the texture and texture of solid wood, it is closely to nature, and has superior weather resistance with long service life. A variety of wood grain colors can be customized to meet different demands.

The series of the frame of the window with beautiful performance and matching with windows.

Variety designs of the frame of the window enhances the overall appearance of the window. It could provide the same color with the doors and windows, perfectly solves the problems left by the installation of doors and windows. More than ten kinds of window sets are available to meet the different requirements of the market.


Colorful window sill with attractive appearance.

Aluter-system doors and windows improve the whole window appearance design, adding the window sill stones which are imported from India, Oman, Turkey and other national original stones for personal requirements. It’s ensuring the same quality of product matching and making the whole window with attractive appearance. There are twelve different kinds of colors to choose.

Water tightness, air tightness and keep dry.

The outside of the window is equipped with a fully protective water cover, which automatically leads the rain water to the outside of the wall.

Installation of waterproof thermal insulation expansion cotton, effectively isolated from external rain water penetration, and have a good thermal insulation protection.

The good sealing performance of polyurethane foam material and the use of breathable roofing underlayment which could enhance the water tightness, air tightness.

Excellent sealing performance, keep quiet and warm.

Three sealing strips, progressive layer by layer, noise reduction one by one.

Triplex glasses and two insulating glass, better sound insulation.

The middle cavity of the profile adopts full-fill foaming technology, and the insulation and sound insulation effect of the window is enhanced.

Security and prevention of burglary function design with attractive appearance.

The design of the outer aluminum is used to enhance the structural strength of the entire window through the organic cooperation with the inner profile.

The bionics principle is used to increase the shark fin structure in the middle of the profile, add a protective barrier to the hardware and lock points, and improve the anti-prying function of the window.

Internal bonding technology enhances the structural stability of the entire window. Specially developed slot structure suitable for bonding window sashes and insulating glass edges to prevent the sashes from sinking and improve the structural stability of the entire window.

Humanized structure design, convenient and comfortable.

Germany Hoppe support the handles. According to the structure of the palm of the person and the direction of the grip, the doors and windows are smoother and the appearance is more excellent.

Adopting humanized barrier-free threshold design. The lower threshold is convenient and safely. Avoiding the deep grooves and it could easy cleaning.

Fully open window design, keep safety and easy to cleaning glass.