Aluter- system doors and window- high-end silent system windows

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Market expectation

1. The transformation from quantitative change to qualitative change, the household decoration consumption has been transformed.

2. Major technological and door and window system technology become mature gradually, high-quality doors and windows have become the mainstream of the market

3. Closed-loop O2O market model provided the fast order, convenient purchasing experience, standardized installation, and satisfactory service.

4. Brands driving becoming the main form of market competition. Without the promotion of brand effects, some middle and low-end door and window companies will be eliminated.

Aluter-system high-end silent-system window is a treasure in building materials and home furnishing industry.

    A new project for China's building materials and home furnishings market -- Faced of a trillion-level market treasure, will you miss it in millennium?

Aluter-system doors and windows-- quality assurance and making the market worthy of trust

German-digital control factory 
Customized product ecological chain 
Depth experience in industry market for 20 years 
Serving tens of thousands of Chinese families

Basic conditions for joining us

1. Ages are between 18 and 60 years old and in good health 
2. No bad social behavior record
3. Positive, responsible, and ambitious attitude.


Explored trillion market dividend

All-round profit model- easier to profit

(1) Three-dimensional assistance-online, offline, internet, comprehensive assistance
(2) Point-to-point information matching- precise service, efficient ordering
(3) Multi-dimensional policy subsidies and rewards- actual rewards and subsidies, your trusted friend.





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